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At Black Tie Funding we know it’s not one size fits all. Every business needs a unique funding solution. We work personally with each client to determine what product is best for you. Once we’ve determined the best product fit, we walk you through all the steps necessary to get funded. 

Business Funding

We can approve your business funding within 3 hours and have you funded the same day! Our simple loan application process requires only a few bank statements, rather than extensive paperwork and complex financial information. With this option, we never charge prepayment fees and can even include early payoff discounts! Apply today to see what you qualify for!

Line Of Credit

At Black Tie funding we offer numerous different Line of credit options. Depending on your business needs and various factors we can offer LOC’s with early refinance options and optional additional capital add ons.

Credit Repair

Your credit score can affect many aspects of your life. In fact, having a good credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Better rates on mortgages, vehicle financing, and many other financial products puts money directly into your pocket! We can help boost your credit and get you paid up to $1000 for doing it.

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